Design / Build for Dolby Atmos compatibility

With unprecedented worldwide demand for Dolby ATMOS content for streaming service clients such as Netflix and Amazon, Smart Studio’s unique design & build solution enables post production vendors a simpler, more cost-effective way to meet the needs of today and the future.

We have developed a package to enable studio owners and facility managers apply for and achieve ATMOS certification. This service covers all of the detail design requirements necessary to meet the required Dolby criteria including rooms dimensions and volume, acoustic criteria and speaker positioning etc. Included is a full set of project drawing for submission to Dolby at application stage.

The Smart Studio™ ATMOS package includes the following key elements.

• Project design drawings for approval by client and submission to Dolby.

• Manufacture off-site as per approved project drawing details.

• Installation on-site covering all labour costs.

• A/V connector panels for speakers, projectors, screens as per Dolby requirements.

• All on a fixed price contract.

The Smart Studio team really excelled themselves on this project. Right from the get-go we established a great working relationship and their speed of response was a key factor in the overall project success.

The build time on site was absolutely amazing compared to traditional building methods for the same style and size of recording studios.

Phillip Crewe

Project Manager, Project Plan Partners

Compatible Room Design Build 

Smart Studio rooms are designed to accommodate the technical demands of Dolby’s ATMOS specification in every aspect: Room geometry, Speaker positioning, Mix position and Room acoustics.

Atmos CAD drawings for certification. 

Dolby’s studio certification process requires detailed CAD drawings which fully communicate the studio’s design. Smart Studio includes full CAD documentation in the required format for certification. No need to have to engage other construction professional with associated additional fees.

Fixed costs and rapid delivery times

The majority of Smart Studio paneling and framework is factory-fabricated offsite. While aesthetic features are customisable, the functional core of the room is
consistent across all Smart Studio designs. This results in lower costs, more accurate schedule from design to completion. Lead times are shortened, disruption and waste is reduced. The end product is the guaranteed outcome of a consistent, industry-spec creative environment.