Music studio Builder:

Full services integration, stunning room acoustics, and high levels sound insulation. 

Smart Studio is the result of extensive R&D completed over the last 7 odd years. A music studio builder that delivers a fully professional acoustic environment suitable for recording, mixing and mastering in a modular manner which is built off site, can be installed anywhere with minimal disruption and all at a fixed cost.

We’ll give you an accurate quote before we start designing/building your studio. Our use of computer/CNC technology guarantees a consistent result, unbelievably quick lead times, no wastage, and leaves more time/money for you spend  on other requirements involved in opening a professional audio facility.


Fully integrated live rooms, control rooms, and VO booths at a fixed cost. 

Smart Studio can build you anything you can dream up. Whether it’s a simple control room/live room studio build or a bigger facilities with multiple live rooms Smart Studio gives you consistent room acoustics, connected cabling, custom windows, 60DnTw room to room sound insulation, and much lower and fixed cost thanks to our off-site construction.

The cost and quality of the equipment necessary to complete a recording has all improved to a point where these items don’t constitute a barrier anymore. However, one fundamental factor still remains a constant, a good acoustic environment is still a requirement for recording, listening and mixing. Have a reputable music studio builder is necessary. For more info on the build process see here. 




How much does a recording studio cost?

Up until now such a studio was a major undertaking to deliver. Acoustic consultants, architects, building contractors, project managers etc. Not to mention the associated costs. The outcome is likely to be a good one, but life is too short for such a longwinded and expensive process. 

Smart Studio roll all those processes into one, at a fixed cost. 



The acousitcs

High Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is duly a concern for many embarking on the journey of building a professional studio. We have a DnTw room to room of 60. Here is a test conducted recently measure sound breakout room to hallway.

This test result was for a client recording heavy metal with lots of drums in a residential area in the inner city of Dublin. The customer loved the results.

Excellent Room Acoustics


Our rooms achieve a really flat response across the frequency spectrum. Our IOA qualified acousticians use advanced computer modelling to map room designs which are printed by our CNC router and installed by Smart Studio builders to achieve absolute consistency room to room, studio to studio.

Our rooms absorb low frequencies at the optimum level, so you’ll never have to put some ugly foam in the corner of the room to “trap” bass.  The room, as standard, gives you a space in which you can really hear your speakers and helps you avoid the dreaded “threshold shift”.

 While there are various suppliers who will sell you so called acoustic treatment panels (which do have a place in the audio world) they can never be considered a substitute for a professionally designed and installed recording studio.


Custom Interior Design


We have huge amount of colours available. We can send a sample swatch out to you when your choosing your colour scheme.

Studio windows

Wherever you want to put your acoustic windows , we design it as standard. 

Diffusion Panels

Our music studios feature a range of custom wall mounted diffusion panels to tune the room acoustics. We advise on the placement and requirement for these as standard, and there are a number of different designs and finishes available to choose from.


We provide a choice of carpet or a wooden floor depending on the aesthetic requirements. Its also possible to specify whatever floor finish you want as an added extra easily. 


We include dimmable LED lighting as standard with our Smart Studios. However, custom extras can be easily added at the design stage. 

Testimonials / Previous Music studio builds

Trinity College Dublin

The studios are used for a variety of post-grad courses ranging from contemporary music to sound design. Jimmy Eadie is a senior lecturer in Music & Media Technology in Trinity College, as well as a multi-award winning Sound Designer with acts such as the Crash Ensemble.

“They delivered on everything on time to a very high standard at good price. The guys at Smart Studio were extremely easy to work with and always took a can do approach in design and on-site. Great people who went the extra mile and delivered a project everyone is absolutely blown away with”

Leo Casserly - Owner, FLIX Facilities

Fairview Studio – Private Customer

A well known producer in Dublin contracted Smart Studio to build a live room and a control room. The result was an amazing sounding studio (test results above based on this).