Music Studio Design/Build

Need a proper, professional studio space for music recording and production? 


Smart Studio provides a traditional audio studio build of the highest acoustic and structural quality but…


With modern construction solutions that make the process of getting one easy. 


Architect, acoustician, builder, M&E consultant and electrical consultant all rolled into one fixed price agreed before work begins.  


With Smart Studio, mixes can be finished faster and got right first time round. Mic placements can be found with ease (no more walking around the room clapping!). There’ll be no ambient noise ruining recordings. Crystal clear clarity for online streaming from the studio. The value of expensive outboard gear will be appreciated, not masked by poor acoustic treatment. Lift the veil on the low range and hear the detail. No more spare-bedroom acoustics.

 The Smart Studio system, in a nutshell, is a modular approach to traditional studio delivery. Some of the many benefits offered are a fixed cost, a complete & warrantied delivery (inc electrics/lighting) and a quick and accurate program time (as little as two weeks for a room).

Crucial to Smart Studio is the experience of our acousticians (Working as part of acoustic consultancy iAcoustics), specialised in-house installation/production team, and modern production facility. 

To get this level of capability rolled in one, from design to delivery, is a real value proposition, one that gives peace of mind when investing in a new studio.

Smart Studio Cost Estimator

The acousitcs

High Sound Insulation

While other versions of modular studio builds suffer from poor levels sound insulation, Smart Studio system do not. When it comes to delivering on this critical aspect of a studio build, we build box within a box. 

Our rooms are built off isolated floor platforms. Walls are decoupled for any/all surrounding structures and the ceiling is supported independently of the walls.

Excellent Room Acoustics


Our approach is to deliver a neutral and natural room acoustic. 

But what does that mean?

In the 63hz and the 125hz octave bands we design for an RT time of 0.3 of a second. This guarantees that the room doesn’t suffer from any resonant frequency problems which can manifest themselves as differences in sound depending on where you happen to be standing in the room. This is achieved through a significant amount of panel absorption being incorporated into the room  finishes. 

We use a considerable amount of 2D diffusion in our designs. Our rooms benefit greatly from the use of diffusion which controls the RT time but delivers an open and natural acoustic environment.