Post Production Studio Builder

With Netflix and Amazon changing the TV and film industry, the demand for quality productions is on the rise. Smart Studio has already built studio facilities for major production houses such as Technicolor, FLIX facilities, Tambourine Studios and 750 mph. Find out why below. 

Technicolor, Cardiff

Post Production studio Design/Build:

Crystal clear acoustics to ensure easy mixing and mastering environment over extended working period.

We’ll give you an accurate quote before we start designing/building your studio. Our use of computer/CNC technology guarantees a consistent result, unbelievably quick lead times, no wastage, and leaves more time/money for you spend  on other requirements involved in opening a professional audio facility. 


The Smart Studio team really excelled themselves on this project. Right from the get-go we established a great working relationship and their speed of response was a key factor in the overall project success.

The build time on site was absolutely amazing compared to traditional building methods for the same style and size of recording studios.

Phillip Crewe

Project Manager, Project Plan Partners, Technicolor Cardiff.

Studio design/build for Dolby Atmos HE

With unprecedented worldwide demand for Dolby Atmos content for streaming service clients such as Netflix and Amazon, Smart Studio’s unique design & build solution enables post production vendors a simpler, more cost-effective way to meet the needs of today and the future.

How much does a recording studio cost?



The acousitcs

High Sound Insulation

While other versions of modular studio builds suffer from poor levels sound insulation, Smart Studio system do not. When it comes to delivering on this critical aspect of a studio build, we build box within a box. 

Our rooms are built off isolated floor platforms. Walls are decoupled for any/all surrounding structures and the ceiling is supported independently of the walls.

Excellent Room Acoustics


Our approach is to deliver a neutral and natural room acoustic. 

But what does that mean?

In the 63hz and the 125hz octave bands we design for an RT time of 0.3 of a second. This guarantees that the room doesn’t suffer from any resonant frequency problems which can manifest themselves as differences in sound depending on where you happen to be standing in the room. This is achieved through a significant amount of panel absorption being incorporated into the room  finishes. 

We use a considerable amount of 2D diffusion in our designs. Our rooms benefit greatly from the use of diffusion which controls the RT time but delivers an open and natural acoustic environment.


Custom Interior Design


We have huge amount of colours available. We can send a sample swatch out to you when your choosing your colour scheme.

Studio windows

Wherever you want to put your acoustic windows , we design it as standard. 

Diffusion Panels

Our music studios feature a range of custom wall mounted diffusion panels to tune the room acoustics. We advise on the placment and requiremnet for these as standard, and there are a number of different designs and finishes available to choose from.


We provide a choice of carpet or a wooden floor depending on the aesthetic requirments. Its also possible to specify whatever floor finish you want as an added extra easily. 


We include dimmable LED lighting as standard with our Smart Studios. However, custom extras can be easily added at the design stage. 

Testimonials / Previous Music studio builds


“Smart Studio were always going to be our no1 choice for our studio build. We had a tricky space to build in, but we found the perfect solution.

Jim and his team delivered on time, on budget and was very flexible to our day to day business needs. Dean Jones – Head of Audio, Raygun.

FLIX Facilites, Media City Machester

“They delivered on everything on time to a very high standard at good price. The guys at Smart Studio were extremely easy to work with and always took a can do approach in design and on-site. Great people who went the extra mile and delivered a project everyone loves” – Leo Casserley, Owner, FLIX Facilities

Technicolor Wales

Technicolor contracted Smart Studio to build a studio in their new facility at Wolf Studios in 2019. The result was a studio space befitting of the company that brought color to to film in the 1930s, and continues to innovate today.