Post Production Studio Builder

With Netflix and Amazon changing the TV and film industry, the demand for quality productions is on the rise, especially in Dolby ATMOS format.


Smart Studio has already built studio facilities for major production houses such as Technicolor, FLIX facilities, Tambourine Studios and 750 mph.

Post-production professionals working long hours demand an acoustically treated space. The fatigue associated with critical audio work is reduced with a balanced room acoustic. This increases productivity, quality and most importantly well being.


  • Industry standard acoustics (ATMOS compatible as standard)
  • Rapid installation
  • Seamless integration of services
  • Fast quotations, fixed cost, 25% – 30% less than traditional build
  • Option to relocate and retain the value of your investment
  • Sustainable build method

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The Smart Studio team really excelled themselves on this project. Right from the get-go we established a great working relationship and their speed of response was a key factor in the overall project success.

The build time on site was absolutely amazing compared to traditional building methods for the same style and size of recording studios.

Phillip Crewe

Project Manager, Project Plan Partners, Technicolor Cardiff.

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