Smart Studio: How it works. 

This video breaks down how the Smart Studio system works. A clear insight into how the modular prduction technique increases efficiancy tenfold, taking all the stress out of investing in new studio facilities. 

Meet the Inventor, Jim Dunne. 

Jim has over 30 years’ experience in the acoustics and noise control industry and have worked in a number of different roles in related industries. His previous work experience ranges from on-site construction activities, to recording studio design and build; from electro-acoustic equipment supply and install, to company management.

The inspiration behind the concept. 

How you would can you deliver a studio in a way that improves on the current methods? How can you can install a grade-A studio in a city with narrow streets, congestion charges, difficult buildings to access etc.? This video takes a look the inspiration that led to the creation of Smart Studio.