Pricing and Leasing Information

The profit is in the process. The Smart Studio design/build modular system delivers impressive value in terms of pricing.

The biggest benefit provided by the modular build is predictability, with fixed pricing. Anyone who has procured a studio will appreciate that this an amazing feature. No running up costs after the project has started. 

The use of modular off-site construction leads to many benefits, some of which are :


  • Smarter allocation of critical resources – time, labor and money
  • Reduce on-site labour 40-60%
  • Less wasted material


This unique program allows you to establish a budgetary cost for your new studio project online, immediately.

For more accurate breakdowns of the cost be sure to contact us directly. Drop us an email, and we will get right back to you. 


To access the cost estimator simply fill in your details and click next.

Interested in Leasing?`

Smart Studio have a partnership with creative capital specialists Azule. To find out more click here.