Recording studio build process


What makes Smart Studio different from competitors is the process, which goes all the way from design to completion, combing high-level expertise in both acoustic design and construction. 


While many studio designers have excellent acoustic design credentials, very few have a full time in house construction professionals who know what the finished studio should look like. 


Even fewer have the innovative means of delivery employed by Smart Studio. The use of off-site production provides significant value in many areas:

  • Scalable as the requirement requires, Capacity to Produce
  • Easy to redeploy as an asset
  • Homogonous / Repeatable
  • Predictable, in every aspect
  • Minimise Downtime
  • A “productisation” of what used to be a complicated, mysterious service. 

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master recording studio builder Jim Dunne

1: The design phase and site inspection.

Smart Studio is often involved when a client has chosen a host site. However, Smart Studio are more than happy to assist in site selection. 

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We then begin to discuss what is possible in a given space. Eoghan Tyrell, our resident architectural acoustics expert, can quickly draw up layouts, and make changes easily. 

It is at this point we discuss acoustic objectives. Desk position, speaker, and projector layout are assessed. If Dolby ATMOS certification is prefered, we begin calculating the requirements with detailed drawings necessary for the application. 

Visual aspects are decided upon: fabrics, diffusion patterns, lighting, flooring ect.  


Proposals can be quickly drawn up in easy-to-understand layouts, with precision accuracy to what is actually delivered onsite. 

2: An agreement is made

Based on the agreed design, the contact is set out. 

For more info on pricing, get a rough estimate here online.

The agreement includes all the phases through to completion, including staff costs, design, construction, and all the essential details (plug sockets, cable trucking, and services integration consultancy, acoustic doors/windows).

All at a fixed price. No surprises. 

3: Build off-site and transportation.

All the components used to construct the sub-assemblies of Smart Studio are manufactured off-site in our factory. The innovation of this approach was borne from Jim’s experience in mechanical engineering and production.

We use a CNC machine for absolute precision. There is no margin for error, with distance measured to fractions of a millimeter. This level of accuracy is crucial for acoustic consistency and can’t be matched by traditional studio construction. 

This method of production has great benefits in terms of the environment. Materials are not wasted, and there’s no dust on site.

Time on site is significantly reduced, by as much as 40-60%. Less disruption is caused in office buildings where other work might be taking place. 

Derek at the CNC machine

4: On-site 

The onsite procedure is a rapid assembly. For smaller projects, we have finished jobs in as little as two weeks. 

The core structure is assembled rapidly. The fabrics, flooring, acoustic windows and doors are installed. The dimmable lighting and plug sockets are installed and services integrated.

This is the easy bit! Not the case with traditional builds. 

5: Acoustic Testing & Snags

Acoustic testing is carried out to make sure the specifaction have been achieved. Monitor mounts are installed and any other ancillary services that a client may desire. 


6: Handover

If the acoustic meet requirments, and the client is happy, the space is immediatly available to start working in. Time to move in the equipment!