Recording Studio Build Process:

Updated 10/06/2019

The page gives a brief overview of the Smart Studio™ recording studio build process. The system could be described as a design/build process. The off-site construction increases efficiency, consistency, speed and overall quality of recording studio build projects(it also makes them greener).

Studios that need to be totally neutral and balanced use a room-with-room design to ensure effective room acoustics and sound insulation.  Panels and bass traps won’t cut it when it come to critical audio tasks. Smart Studio works to the highest standard of sound insulation, diffusion, and room acoustic performance. 

The design phase and site inspection.

The factory and transportation.

All the components we use to construct the sub-assemblies of Smart Studio are manufactured off-site on our factory. We are the perhaps the only recording studio build that has half your studio in stock!

After a site inspection is carried out and everything is green lighted, the materials are transported to site. This results is very little wastage on site, as we have only what we need.

Stage #1 : The floor.

The first part of the assembly involves the laying of a decoupled floor. These are built on rubber isolation pads packed with mineral wool insulation to reduce and eliminate vibrations travelling through the floor. DMIP panels are placed on top of this, and then covered with wood to finish the sub-floor assembly.

Stage #2: The walls

The wall, door, and window modules are quickly assembled on-site are installed a per project specifications. These modules are key to Smart Studio excellent room acoustics, as well as the high levels of sound insulation. We also include cable ducting trays along the bottom of the modules.

Stage #3 : The ceiling. 

The ISO™ ceiling beams are laid out and the ceiling is constructed. These beams allow for a void chamber for extra bass frequency control, as well as DMIP panels at the very top for complete sound insulation of the structure.

Stage #4 : The Fabrics and the floor finish. 

An absorbent quilt membrane is installed between the module’s front panel and coloured fabric. The stretch fabric is then installed There are many colours available to achieve a bespoke interior finish. The lighting, plug sockets and air-con is installed at this point. 

Stage #5 : The finished recording studio build.

We add the skirting boards once the cabling is finished and trim the fabrics. The end result is perfect host space for all critical audio tasks. 


Smart Studio really is a great investment if your serious about audio and your ear will thank you after a few years. Find out how much it might cost on our online cost estimator, get in touch by email, or follow us @smartstudioinc.