Recording studio builder. Build it better and faster.

Smart Studio™  uses off-site construction to simplify recording studio builds. Software modeled for complete precision and consistency. Smart Studio™ is the only contractor you need for industry grade, room-withIN-room control rooms, live rooms, vocal booths, and anywhere else optimum audio fidelity is required and acoustic excellence is a must.  Reduce your cost and programme time, and with no surprises.

“We’re as pleased as punch with our Smart Studio dubbing theatres”

Paul Hardman

Managing Director, Flix Facilties, Manchester

Engineered by acoustic consultants.

Off-site , quality construction. 

Sustainable manufacturing practices.

Fixed Cost for peace of mind. 

Smart Studio™ are a recording studio builder with a difference. The idea to construct off-site was developed using experience gathered from both the acoustics and construction worlds. A room-within-a-room, fully integrated, finished & isolated recording studio with 60db true sound insulation and room acoustics from which award winning work has been produced.

Tailored to industry level audio production, Smart Studio™ allows you to hear audio for what it truly is. All the structural elements are pre-fabricated off-site and delivered to site for rapid assembly. This saves decision makers a bif headache in procuring contractors to build studios. Save yourself time and money with a truly integrated solution.

Smart Studio™ employs a minimilist aesthetic boasting a huge range of fabric finishes, diffusion panel patterns, as well as custom flooring and door options for your dream studio.


How much does a Smart Studio™ cost?

Use our online cost estimator to get a good idea.


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Modern Recording Studio Builder: The Process

Stage 1.  Initial Budgetary Proposal, you tell us what facilities you require and we will provide an initial budgetary proposal.

Stage 2. Firm Proposal, after a site inspection of the location of your proposed new studio facility provide you with a firm proposal for discussion and agreement.

Stage 3. Studio components are manufactured off-site and shipped to site.

Stage 4. Installation commences on site with the sequenced delivery of the various element and components on a just-in-time bases.

Stage 5. Acoustic testing is undertaken on site to confirm performance criteria. Optional speaker calibration and alignment is also available if required.