A new way to build recording studios.

Traditional recording studio architecture delivered with modern design/build approach.

The result of 10 years of research and development, Smart Studio is the fastest, most consistent and cost-effective recording studio builder in 2020. Smart Studio builds a no-compromise studio space that utilises off-site construction to improve quality, price, and lead times.

A traditional design-build with the architect, the acoustic consultant, quantity surveyor, M&E consultant and builder all rolled into one. 

Owning a world-class studio facility has never been more possible. 

The Smart Studio team really excelled themselves on this project. Right from the get-go we established a great working relationship and their speed of response was a key factor in the overall project success.

The build time on site was absolutely amazing compared to traditional building methods for the same style and size of recording studios.

Phillip Crewe

Project Manager, Project Plan Partners

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How much does a recording studio cost?



Our complete studio builds start from €30,000. Our cost per square metre is very competitive with high end studio builders. See our cost estimator for more detailed estimates. 

There are options to fund the installation of a Smart Studio through leasing; easing the short term capital demands of creating much larger long-term efficiencies. 

The Studios we Build


Post Production rooms

Now with Dolby Atmos HE compatibility included in the design for OTT (Netflix, Amazon) if required .

Music studio design and build that’s a smash hit. Control rooms, live room, and recording booths that are industry quality. 

games audio studio builder

Using Smart Studio’s base design as a starting point, the mid-high frequency absorption characteristics have been further enhanced to produce a studio environment capable of hosting audio recordings up to 100KHz.

Home cimema acoustics

A best in class solution for audiophiles seeking the very best home cinema space available. 

Custom Interior Design


We have huge amount of colours available. We can send a sample swatch out to you when your choosing your colour scheme.

Studio windows

Wherever you want to put your acoustic windows , we design it as standard. 

Diffusion Panels

Our music studios feature a range of custom wall mounted diffusion panels to tune the room acoustics. We advise on the placement and requirement for these as standard, and there are a number of different designs and finishes available to choose from.


We provide a choice of carpet or a wooden floor depending on the aesthetic requirements. Its also possible to specify whatever floor finish you want as an added extra easily. 


We include dimmable LED lighting as standard with our Smart Studios. However, custom extras can be easily added at the design stage.