The Design Team

Jim Dunne

Managing Director, Senior Acoustic Consultant , MSc in Applied Acoustics, MIOA

Jim has over 30 years’ experience in the acoustics and noise control industry and have worked in a number of different roles in related industries. His previous work experience ranges from on-site construction activities, to recording studio design and build; from electro-acoustic equipment supply and install, to company management.

Jim worked for a number of years in the world famous Windmill Lane Studios. Windmill Lane Studios is recognised as the premier recording studio facility in Ireland catering for a range of international and local recording artists ranging from U2 to the Waterboys, the Virgin Prunes to Kate Bush.

In his role as a senior acoustic consultant, Jim Dunne endeavours to marry his theoretical knowledge with his practical experience in order to implement pragmatic acoustic designs and solutions, be it for architectural or studio design and build projects.

Eoghan Tyrrell

Acoustic Consultant & CAD Designer, MSc in Applied Acoustics, AMIOA

Eoghan is a qualified Acoustic Consultant and has been involved in the audio industry for 10 years. His most notable designation is that of M.Phil., Music and Media Technologies, awarded by Trinity College Dublin with a distinction grade.  Eoghan specialises in the prediction of room acoustic parameters. For such predictions, three-dimensional computer models of a space are created in which physical models are then compiled. Such processes provide estimations on parameters such as reverberation time, speech intelligibility, and spaciousness. Key projects with iAcos include TUD Grangegorman Central & East Quads, Ormond Quay hotel, Mespil Road hotel & Dolphins Barn Re-Development.

Glen Plunkett

MSc Applied Acoustics , AMIOA

Glen graduated in 2018 with a first class honours degree (BAhons) in Music Production from Pulse College – a course held in the prestigious Windmill Lane Studios Dublin. Having immersed himself in the studio environment for three years, Glen has played the role of recording engineer, mixer & producer, having worked with the likes of Damien Dempsey. Glen had previously been working as a stage hand, setting up and decommissioning large-scale concert and sporting productions in arenas and stadiums. During that time, Glen made a habit of asking the touring FOH engineer if he could watch how the gig was mixed from behind the desk, and assist where possible. This proved to be invaluable to his experience as a young sound engineer. Glen now works an acoustic consultant and is a principle installer of the DSP system for Smart Studio.


Manufacture and Install Team (Europe)

Derek Nolan

CNC Operator and Joiner

Derek is our chief CNC operator and has been part of the Smart Studio team since the beginning. Derek has expert knowledge of the CNC and other automated machines at the factory. Working closely with our acoustic consultants, Derek ensures that acoustic designs can be practically implemented on-site.

Antonio Osman

Joiner and Assembly

Antonio is a skilled craftsman with 20 years’ experience in joinery. Antonio joined the Smart Studio team in 2018 and has since become an indispensable part of the team. His expert knowledge of joinery has resulted in improvements off and on site.


Sales and Installation in the Nordics

Kevin Dunne

Senior Acoustic Consultant and Head of Sales and Installations in the Nordics

Kevin holds a MSc in Acoustics and has more than 15 years’ experience as an acoustic consultant. He began his career in acoustics at iAcoustics in Ireland before moving to Sweden in 2012. Kevin worked for over 9 years at one of Sweden’s largest multidisciplinary engineering consultancies. For four of those years Kevin was the team manager for a group of between 10 – 15 acousticians in the southern part of Sweden. Kevin has worked extensively with room and studio acoustics. In recent years he has worked actively with the booming gaming industry in Malmö. He has been responsible for the project management of studio builds for the likes of King (Activision Blizzard), Tarsier Studios (Embracer Group) and Sharkmob (Tencent Games).

Manufacture and Install Team (West Coast USA)

Kevin Kaiser

Smart Studio’s USA West Coast operations are headed up by Kevin Kaiser and his company Kaiser Comm Construction.

KaiserComm is already recognised for its attention to detail and sound quality. Their clients include Academy Award winners, AICP Post Facilities, Music Producers, and Commercial Film Directors.

Director Kevin Kaiser has been featured in Mix Magazine “LA Grapevine” and Pro Sound News.

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