From Quote to Order to Final Completion

by | Jul 28, 2021

So we’ve made our way through the quotation process, the details have all been agreed, the final price had been calculated together with a payment schedule. What next, how we progress to a job.

The Process

1) Simply confirm the project order and forward the agreed deposit and we are off and running. We create an internal works order to manufacture the necessary components and order the necessary parts to undertake the project.

2) On the scheduled start date our install crew arrives on site to start the install. At this point we issue our second stage payment invoice for payment as per the agreed payment schedule terms.

3) Works continue on-site to complete the studio sound insulation envelope/shell. This installs the floor, walls and ceiling assembly and install. With the stage finished, the majority of the heavy works will have been completed. The third stage payment will now be due.

4) The final stage entails the acoustic conditioning install, the electrical and A/V install and the acoustic doors and windows. The internal finishes consist of the floor covering and the stretched acoustic fabric lining to the walls and ceiling. Then it’s clean up time followed by attending to the snag list. Payment of the fourth stage payment is now due.

5) Then our install crew pack up and head back to base or directly off to the next project. You, the client, complete your equipment install and get to work in your brand new studio facility.

So that’s how it happens, no drama, no fuss, we do what we are good at so you can do what you’re good at. On-time, on schedule and on budget. And a great sounding studio facility that meets if not exceeds the most demanding acoustic requirements/criteria to boot. Pretty good deal all around.