No builders were harmed in the making of this studio.

by | Nov 11, 2020

It’s a bold statement, but it’s one with a lot of truth to it.

A statement based on hard-won experience of how modern construction projects are run and managed.

Starting at the beginning: The appointed contractor will have won the project on the strength of their low bid price. It may say on the tender document that price is not the key consideration, but that’s not likely to be the case.

So, now you have a contractor on board who has never built a studio before. They don’t know what the end product should look like, or how it should perform as an environment. They want to do only the minimum to get your all-important studio project past PC (Practical Completion).

No amount of design team meetings, site inspections or email clarifications will change that.

Tradition Studio Construction

It’s nothing personal. It’s just how the modern world of construction works.

The main contractor will break down your overall studio build into a series of smaller packages, which they will take to the market for pricing, select the lowest and begin.

They will manage the build schedule, inundate you with emails until you stop responding, then tell you to come to site and snag their work.

Surprisingly, this way of working is the acceptable norm for the vast majority of generic construction projects. In fact, it’s the only way that general building can realistically be completed. However, it’s no way to fit out a specialist, critical audio studio facility.

Traditional builds can often resemble this! 

A new method built for purpose


By contrast, the Smart Studio methodology runs entirely counter to the above process. We do it all, from design to manufacture, to installation to pre-completion acoustic testing.

Nothing is left to chance or delegated. It’s a one-stop-shop. We know what the finished product should look and sound like, including provision for all the necessary equipment cabling and speaker positioning. All of the details which make a studio fit for purpose.

Put simply; a Smart Studio install removes the risk from your next studio build project. All the builder has to do is prepare the host space for the installation and stand back.

The rest of the process will be undertaken by an expert team, all of whom do this for a living, delivering a known outcome.

Offsite build with swift on-site installation of a two person team. 



Having fought and won the funding for the project, you can rest assured it will be successfully executed to your satisfaction, and that of your colleagues. No builders will be harmed in the process.