750 Mph, London

Every project brings its own challenges, and Soho Square based 750mph was no different.

750mph is a busy short-form audio post facility with a significant daily throughput of fast-turnaround projects for major global brands. 

While the installation of an additional studio would enhance their existing capabilities, the work itself would need to be completed without business interruption: No noise, no dust, no disruption and no damage to the exquisite interior finishes.  

No Disruption (just in time delivery)

Commencing in early 2019, the initial phase of the Smart Studio install involved moving all elements required for assembly into an area of the building’s basement.  This area would ultimately become the new studio.  Given that the footprint of the proposed studio was also the only available storage space, a just-in-time delivery system was employed. Deliveries were scheduled for early mornings, comprising only the materials needed to complete that day’s work.

A traditional build requires management on-site of bulky raw materials. In contrast, the prefabricated nature of the Smart Studio system requires only the delivery to site of finished elements.  These modules are then assembled in sequence. This simplified process allows for working at a site with limited storage capacity, unlike a traditional build.  With no material fabrication taking place on site, fewer trades are needed and one van  requires parking.  

The pre-fabricated and modular nature of Smart Studio is a key feature of the design. From the outset, the 750mph project presented a target space for a Smart Studio install which was small-footprint with difficult access. This typifies cost-intensive city-centre locations worldwide, where commercial audio studios are mostly located.

Re-site the studio

Should this trend change, the modularity of Smart Studio provides the option to re-site the studio if needed. This unique level of flexibility helps to de-risk a studio build project, making it much more financially viable and manageable.


The Acoustics

As with every Smart Studio; while room dimensions vary from project to project to suit the client need, the acoustic is performance consistently neutral and open. This is achieved by the implementation of low frequency panel absorption and mid/high frequency two-dimensional diffusion. The outcome is a room devoid of low frequency modal energy resonance, giving a controlled and accurate bass sound irrespective of the listener’s position in the room. When complemented by gentle 2-D diffusion, acoustic energy is maintained in order to enable creatives to work for extended time periods without experiencing undue fatigue.

The end result

The Smart Studio at 750mph is primarily used for music composition, itself an enhanced feature of their audio production offering. With many clients wanting original music, 750mph now have a unique, dedicated creative resource in-house, in which musicians and composers can exercise their art in a neutral acoustic environment. Given the variety of productions which 750 handles, its essential that the output from any room can smoothly transfer into the overall sound of a particular job.