Jungle Studios, London

Just as the covid lockdown kicked in in March of this year, Smart Studio was completing an install for Jungle Studio in Victoria, London. 


The project brief was quite simple; we want a studio of identical performance specifications as the world-renowned Jungle rooms in Soho in Victoria. And we want it quick.

The plan of action

The site within the building for the studio was a corner section of a relatively standard open-plan floor on Level 4. The works was also to be completed without interruption to the existing staff who were stationed on the floor.

So to decode the brief, the job entailed the near-invisible installation of a high-performance audio studio and VO booth in an existing working environment ASAP. Quite a demanding remit which a traditional studio build approach is not really geared up for. Lucky Smart Studio is not a traditional studio build. 

A perfect match

Based on a modular concept which facilitates the manufacture of all key components off-site, the on-site installation could not be more straightforward.

No dust, no noise and no disruption, it’s a facility managers dream. Not alone do they get a new state-of-the-art audio studio in there building but it comes without all the usual disruption and interruption and staff complaint.

How is the studio? 

“Having been involved with many traditional studio builds I was quite taken back at the how straight forward this one was. Everything from start to finish was really simplified by Smart’s planning and unique approach.  The build team were excellent, working to a high standard leaving us with a great sounding and looking control room and voice booth well ahead of our schedule”

Patrick James

Technical Manager, Jungle Studio