SIDE, LOs Angeles

In the first joint project between Smart Studio and Kaiser Comm Construction, three studio space were built for SIDE, Los Angeles, a premier provider of voice production; recording, editing and mixing; localization; and performance capture services for video games.

The three Smart Studios built for SIDE’s Los Angeles facility complement a trio of existing recording studios, custom-built by Kaiser Comm Construction in 2015. SIDE Senior Vice President Audio & Speech Technology Olivier Deslandes says the company needed to add sound production capacity without sacrificing quality.

“Smart Studio allowed us to expand quickly and at a fraction of the cost of building studios from scratch,” Deslandes recalls. “The Smart Studios took much less time to build than we expected and eliminated the need for an architect. It also allowed us to avoid the expensive and time-consuming process of securing building permits.”

SIDE Senior Technical Director Anthony Hales notes that, prior to moving forward with the project, they conducted exhaustive tests on an existing Smart Studio installation to ensure it met their audio requirements. “It was incredible,” he says. “The sound quality was better than custom-built studios. It was absolutely fantastic.”

“Our work is almost exclusively voice recording and we have very high requirements for quality,” adds Deslandes. “Our clients want very low noise flow and very low reverb. We need a recording environment that is tightly controlled in terms of acoustics and very clean with no electrical artifacts.”


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