Dublin Studio Hub, Dublin

This project was completed in December 2022. While we love all our Smart Studio customers, there's something a bit special about a home town gig. And that's certainly the case for The Vault (Dublin Studio Hub), Dublin's newest professional music studio located in the basement on Westmorland St. No arguments; this is undoubtedly a city centre studio, no more than 100 meters from the river Liffey and the landmark O'Connell Bridge. The building, once home to a banking headquarters, has been reworked to host a music studio under the able direction of Larry Hogan. With a successful track record ranging from music composition to production, the Vault is Larry's new "sonic" base from where he now plies his trade. In tandem with the project promoter Neil Gallagher, director of CCT College, the facility brings the ultimate in professional studio capabilities right back into the heart of Dublin. The city's long and proud musical traditions make it an appropriate and comfortable fit.