Big Mouth Audio, Glasgow

Bigmouth Audio is an award winning production & dubbing company, specialising in casting & producing voice performances for the global animation & video games markets. Smart Studio designed and built two spacious Dolby Atmos mixing rooms and V/O booth.



The project was the first (but not the last!) project undertaken by Smart Studio in Glasgow. The project made the most of an open plan space and integrated it beautifully with the reception area. Make sure to notice this in the photos.


The project comprised of the manufacture, supply and installation of a three-room Smart Studio suite as per the agreed layout. Smart Studio supplied the complete studio envelope, including design measures to isolate each of the rooms’ structural floor. The internal finished floor to ceiling height was 2.5m. A decoupled ceiling built was built to complete a fully isolated independent structure for each of the three rooms.

The standard electrical fit-out included a technical power circuit for all audio equipment, including desk, outboard and speakers. House mains circuit per room for a double wall mounted three-pin sockets; dimmable control recessed light circuits per room.