Streaming audio and acoustics

by | Jun 5, 2020

The current corona-virus pandemic has been an unprecedented blow to the music industry, bringing new music production and performance to a grinding halt worldwide. Who could have predicted the devastation which has beset this previously thriving sector? For many of those adversely affected; there’s no real resolution in sight, at least not without a widely available vaccine.

Fast-forward to the new world in which musicians, record companies, promoters and other related practitioners find themselves. It’s the world of webcast concerts, with artists performing from their own homes becoming a regular feature.

New material, old material, whatever; it’s all about playing to what is now a remote and dispersed audience. While this is technically possible (often with a little help in post-production) and certainly helps to keep the flame alive, it’s not always high on audio quality.

Now that the novelty has worn off, nobody’s getting a free pass for bad sound anymore. This is not simply a function of the quality of the equipment, its highly dependent on the space/environment in which the performance is being staged.


You can’t drive a Ferrari on a pot-holed road and expect it to perform as it should.

The same is true of the recording process, you can’t expect your high performance audio equipment to perform to spec if you are not in a properly designed and treated acoustic room. Like every engineering situation you might find yourself in “you’re only as good as your weakest link”.

In the world of webcast performances, it’s invariably the room which is letting the side down. Ironically, the better the equipment acquired for use at home, the more noticeable (the more exposed) a bad-sounding room will be.

This is where the revolutionary Smart Studio modular system comes into focus. It’s been developed by me, Jim Dunne, over the last few years to answer the question of how to achieve room acoustic excellence without the drama of a conventional studio design build process.

How does it work? 

The delivery of an unrivaled acoustic environment in a simplified and uncomplicated manner was one of the key objectives of the process on which I embarked at the height of the 2009 recession. Smart Studio offers you access to the most professional of recording environments for a fixed price anywhere, in your home, in your office, in your garden, in your warehouse.

The Smart Studio system gives you access to the professional acoustic performance that will rival the offerings of many world-renowned studios.

You can compose, record, or perform and stream knowing that the output from your own studio matches the best available anywhere in the world today.

So to move your home studio facility from its current “demo space” status on to a fully acoustic treated environment contact us on or visit our website

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